About Luis Quintanilla

Luis Quintanilla is a technologist, developer, and content creator based out of the NYC area. Currently at Microsoft working on Machine Learning for .NET.

I'm passionate about:

About this site

This site is my digital presence and digital garden in the interwebs.

The blog section contains mainly long-form articles. As I tinker with different technologies, I write down the steps and process I went through to get something working. Therefore they mostly serve the purpose of helping me remember how I did something in case I want to do it again in the future. I also post these in hopes that they may be of help to others trying to solve similar problems.

The knowledge-base contains a collection of wiki articles, snippets, and library. Wiki articles are documents on certain topics. They intend to connect information and knowledge I encounter as part of personal investigations or randomly stumble upon. Snippets are random scripts and code snippets. The library is a list of books I'm currently reading or have read.

The main feed is like a microblog with content ordered in reverse chronological order. It collects in a single place snippets containing notes, photos, videos, and other types of content. The replies feed contains replies and interactions with other pages and supports Webmentions. The feeds take inspiration from IndieWeb posts.

In addition to the feeds, there's also the linkblog which acts as my bookmark / read-it-later service as I find interesting websites. The blogroll contains a collection of blogs I follow and the podroll is a collection of podcasts I listen to.

For details on how this site is built, check out the colophon

Tech stack

A list of technologies I work with. It's not an exhaustive list but some of the ones I commonly use.

For a list of products, apps, and services I use in my day-to-day, check out my IRL stack.



Data Processing

Machine Learning