Profile header image with alien emoji

I really need to automate my website updates. I had forgotten to update the "checkmark" (for lack of better words) for the month of July. Usually, I try to have an icon show up as my "blue check" (Twitter inspired) that is relevant for each month. July is Roswell month mostly because I think I already used the sun emoji for one of the other summer months. I guess being in the US, the US flag would've made sense here, but somehow aliens seemed more fun. Anyway, I need to find a good way to automate this so it's not one of those things that happen when I remember. Since I just changed to the alien emoji, it means I probably will only have it up for a week. August is Tux month because of Linux (again, sun and aliens were already taken). Recommendations are appreciated. Though I'm excited for spooky season in September & October.

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