College football is back!

Penn State had a great win. Looking back at a post from last year, some of my thoughts around the upcoming class were right. Looking at the upcoming schedule it looks well spaced out and if they can stay healthy, they'll have a great season.

Tough losses for LSU and Clemson.

This year I'm trying a new way to experience games: blogs + audio streams.

This past week, although I tuned into the games, I didn't watch any of them on TV. Instead, I tuned into the live audio streams on The Varsity Network and for live discusson, I tuned into the various team blogs / communities provided by SBNation (fun fact: I learned SB stands for Sports Blogs). For example, Black Shoe Diaries, the Penn State blog, had a live thread for each of the quarters where site writers and fans got to interact in real-time. Other team blogs had similar threads.

Overall, I thought it was a fun experience, and I'm most likely going to do it again this week.

Games I'm most looking forward to Week 2:

  • Stanford vs USC
  • Temple vs Rutgers
  • Texas vs Alabama

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