The main thing you are getting with omg.lol is one or more subdomains, which are referred to as addresses.

  • Email forwarding: You get an email address, you@omg.lol, which you can forward to any email address.
  • Web Page: This is your link-in-bio one-pager to do whatever you want with. By default this is where your main address (eg, you.omg.lol) points. It’s the flagship feature of omg.lol. It comes with a markdown editor that has some fancy features baked into it. You get a selection of built-in themes but you also have the freedom to go wild with your own CSS.
  • DNS: You have the ability to use your omg.lol subdomain however you wish by way of a friendly DNS panel.
  • Now Page: This is a type of page you can use to let people know what’s going on in your life. It’s broader than a social media post but more immediately relevant than an about page. It comes with the same fancy markdown editor and you can optionally appear in omg.lol’s Now Garden.
  • Statuslog: This is a place to post statuses. It’s really just a fun, silly alternative to other social media platforms but without follows and likes and such. These can cross-post to Mastodon if you want.
  • Weblog: A full-fledge blogging platform. I’m not aware of all its features but it’s pretty powerful. It comes with fancy markdown support and has all the bloggy things you need like tags and RSS. A good example of a very custom blog on omg.lol is Apple Annie’s Weblog. But it’s worth noting you use it right out of the box without design customization if you want.
  • Pastebin: It’s just a pastebin for storing text snippets. Super simple and friendly like all of the omg.lol services.
  • Pics: It’s an image hosting service labeled as being “super-beta” as of the time of this writing. But it does what it says on the tin. You can host images there and they also show up on the some.pics image feed.
  • PURLs: Persistent uniform resource locators. This is a URL redirection service. You get you.omg.lol/whatever and you.url.lol/whatever. You can use these the way you would use similar services and they come with a basic hit counter and way to preview the URL before following it.
  • Switchboard: This is a powerful routing system that lets you point the variants of your address wherever you want, be it a destination on the omg.lol platform or an external website. Most omg.lol services have their own domain so you end up with a variety of options. Just as an example, you get a tilde address (ie, omg.lol/~you). Mine points to my tilde.club webpage.
  • Keys: A place to store public keys—SSH, PGP, etc.
  • Proofs: A service for verifying ownership or control of a particular web property at a particular moment in time. For example, here is proof that I controlled blakewatson.com as of December 10, 2023.
  • API access: Most, if not all, omg.lol services have an API you can use to interact with them. Total nerd freedom. 🤯

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