I woke up today...and decided I was going to delete all the apps off my iPhone.

If I didn’t need it to do a specialized function? Gone, poof. I decided to just use websites and bookmarks instead.

The websites worked just fine.

...websites are just badly designed these days, especially with using a screen reader on a mobile device. I can’t quite describe it, because mobile web browsers aren’t really well designed either, so it makes the website worse because it doesn’t even render all elements as smoothly as on desktop.

Even though there are problems, I’m honestly glad I deleted almost all my apps off my phone and started to pin websites to my home screen more. For one thing, it cuts down on notifications. it’s super freeing to not get a random notification because you didn’t open the app in a day, so the app pings you to say hey I’m still here please pay attention to me, I feel lonely, and nobody will give me animals to snuggle with.

With pinned websites, my phone is faster and my home screen is much more organized as well.

I did this a few years ago. Websites work just fine for almost everything I need to do. The main benefits I noticed:

  • Less distractions
  • More real estate when viewing websites on laptop / desktop
  • Less apps to drain the battery when running on the background
  • More restricted access / permissions (i.e. websites don't need unrestricted access to my contacts or other information on my phone)

Better PWA support on mobile platforms would go a long way here to better balance between apps and websites. In the meantime though, pinning websites and websites overall work just fine for most things I need to do day-to-day.

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