Yesterday I wrote a post with some quick thoughts on why I'm excited for the new Snapdragon X Elite set of chips.

There's something I missed which came to mind this morning.

If your Snapdragon X Elite powered computer is running Windows, and it also has calling and messaging capabilities like a phone, does that mean that you're now the proud owner of a "Windows Phone"? As a fan of Windows Phone, that sounds interesting.

Now you might say, "Windows doesn't have all my apps". Fair point but with Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA), maybe the app gap isn't much of a concern. More importantly, as I mentioned in the post, if the apps no longer become the main mode of interaction and instead are relegated to serve as background services to the AI interface, does it even matter?

In the post, I also mentioned how I'd prefer my mobile computer runs Linux (and no, I don't mean AOSP). Even that is not a strict limitation, since I can run Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) inside Windows. So technically I can still have Linux on my mobile computer even if it's running Windows.

Let's see if 2024 becomes the Year of the Windows (or Linux) Phone.

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