I use NewsBlur as my feed reader. In it, I subscribe to:

  • newsletters
  • personal blogs
  • sports blogs
  • news publications
  • GitHub releases
  • Mastodon feeds and tags
  • Bluesky feeds
  • StackOverflow tags
  • subreddits
  • podcasts
  • severe weather alerts
  • YouTube channels
  • PeerTube instances and channels
  • Lemmy instances and sublemmys? (I don't know the Lemmy lingo yet)
  • Forums

Basically, if it has an RSS feed, I subscribe to it there.

Today I noticed I'm subscribed over 1000 feeds (1042 to be exact)!

GIF Matthew McCounaghey on Wolf of Wall Street with a caption that says "You gotta pump those up, those are rookie numbers in this racket"

Over 300 of them are personal blogs. This has taken a few years to curate. I remember my reader being empty when I first started. As I've read newsletters and personal blogs, I've followed things they've linked to which is where I find even more feeds to subscribe to, especially when they're easy to find.

There's some pruning that needs to happen at this point whether that's because of broken links or I just don't read those publications often. However, I find myself usually checking in on personal blogs and newsletters on a daily basis so I think many of those will stay.

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