In light of recent developments on Twitter, I see more people looking for alternative platforms. Personally, I don't think anything beats the level of customization and control you get from using your own website and RSS for sharing ideas and publishing content. However, it's great to see so many new friends in the Fediverse on platforms like Mastodon. I won't go into what the Fediverse is but you can check out the Fediverse wiki for more info. In many ways the Fediverse will feel familiar, yet foreign. Many people have shared tips on getting started, but I'll share some of the ones I've personally used to organically curate my feed.

  • Use hashtags. Similar to Twitter, hashtags are a good way of finding people and content related to the topic of interest.
  • Follow feditips and FediFollows. As the names suggest, they provide good tips and suggest interesting accounts to follow in the Fediverse.

As an alternative if you're not ready to create an account, you can use RSS. I'm a big fan of RSS. Appending .rss to any account on platforms like Mastodon (for example https://mastodon.online/@FediFollows.rss) provides you with the RSS feed of an account's posts letting you subscribe to their content through your favorite RSS feed reader.

Feel free to say hi at toot.lqdev.tech/@lqdev. See you in the Fediverse!

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