Proofread articles using Microsoft Edge's Immersive Reader and read aloud

This will be a relatively short post but it's something I just discovered and thought I'd share. Before publishing a post, I try to proofread and review the article to make sure spelling, grammar, and flow all make sense. Part of that process involves reading the article aloud. I'll miss things from time to time but generally it works well.

I've known about read aloud in general, but have often found voices to be robotic and sound unnatural when they encounter words outside their vocabulary. However, I recently tried out the read aloud feature in Microsoft Edge and was blown away at how natural the voice sounds and even how well it enunciates technical terms like product and programming API names. Here's what it looks like when reading one of the posts on my site.

Microsoft Edge Immersive Reader read aloud reading blog post

If you do any form of writing that can be displayed in Microsoft Edge, I highly encourage you to give read aloud a try. For more information, see Use Immersive Reader in Microsoft Edge.

Happy writing!

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