Reading Local JSON Files in R

The following example is a way of reading local JSON files into R scripts. This can be useful for config files, although it's still also acceptable for data files as well.

Import package to work with JSON and lists


Load file into script

configPath <- '.'
fileName <- 'config.json'
jsonFile <- fromJSON(file=paste(configPath,fileName,sep="/"),method="C")

The data gets loaded in as a list. It may be tedious to access nested contents via indices. To aid with this, a helper function can be created to extract the individual nested data elements of the file.

#Extract values form nested list
#top_level =$topkey,obj$subkey)
extractData <- function(top_level) {
    output <- unlist(lapply(top_level,'[[',1));

Extract data

Below is a default sample json file that includes both nested and non-nested data.

    "port": 2100,
    "connectionStrings": {
        "default": "123.567.890"

The data in that file can be accessed as shown below.

#Not Nested
port <- config$port # Should store 2100

connectionString <- extractData($connectionStrings,default)) #Should store 123.567.890
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