At Inflection, our mission is to create a personal AI for everyone. Last May, we released Pi—a personal AI, designed to be empathetic, helpful, and safe. In November we announced a new major foundation model, Inflection-2, the second best LLM in the world at the time.

Now we are adding IQ to Pi’s exceptional EQ.

We are launching Inflection-2.5, our upgraded in-house model that is competitive with all the world's leading LLMs like GPT-4 and Gemini. It couples raw capability with our signature personality and unique empathetic fine-tuning. Inflection-2.5 is available to all Pi's users today, at pi.ai, on iOS, on Android, or our new desktop app.

We achieved this milestone with incredible efficiency: Inflection-2.5 approaches GPT-4’s performance, but used only 40% of the amount of compute for training.

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