These updates are exciting!

Reddit appears to be building out new Chat functionality using Matrix

Discourse is working on adding Matrix support

Thunderbird launched Matrix support.

Automattic is busy building Matrix plugins for Wordpress

Not as exciting

...only a handful of these initiatives have resulted in funding reaching the core Matrix team. This is directly putting core Matrix development at risk.

In short: folks love the amazing decentralised encrypted comms utopia of Matrix. But organisations also love that they can use it without having to pay anyone to develop or maintain it. This is completely unsustainable, and Element is now literally unable to fund the entirety of the Matrix Foundation on behalf of everyone else - and has had to lay off some of the folks working on the core team as a result.

In the interim, if you are an organisation who’s building on Matrix and you want the project to continue to flourish, please mail funding@matrix.org to discuss how you can support the foundations that you are depending on.

I'm looking forward to the future of the Matrix protocol, especially the P2P components.

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