...owning the address where your audience finds you is important. It allows you to be mobile, nimble, and without attached strings. It helps you show off all the things and places you want folks to see because you can put all these URLs on your /feeds page. It’s user-friendly in more ways than one (pretty cool how you can make all those URLs human-readable, huh?).

...it means your audience never has to think about how they’re going to get your stuff.

This is a great idea. I've written before about owning your links. Today, that's how I expose many of my links in the contact page. For example, to access my Mastodon profile, instead of going to the actual URL, you can just visit lqdev.me/mastodon which redirects to the actual URL. If tomorrow I choose to change where and how my Mastodon presence is hosted, the URL doesn't have to change. However, I haven't done the same for my RSS links. Recently I've been thinking about restructuring my website, specifically my microblog feed which includes notes and responses. Today, the RSS urls are coupled to the folder structure on my website which is subject to change and isn't flexible. By setting up more user-friendly and stable RSS urls through redirection, that wouldn't be an issue and readers wouldn't have to change the RSS URL they use.

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